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I build bridges, fill gaps, identify obstacles, and illuminate blind spots across your entire marketing landscape, completing your marketing puzzle. Contact me today to explore how we can collaborate!

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With two decades of experience in professional sales and marketing management, I have played a pivotal role in fostering numerous marketing initiatives, enhancing multiple marketing plans, and executing a wide range of marketing efforts.

Over the last 15 years, I have dedicated my efforts to developing innovative marketing solutions for the real estate industry. Here are some key indices that can help you get to know me better:

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What make my marketing solutions outstanding

When I recommend a marketing solution, I ensure it embodies most of the four key attributes: cost-effectiveness, elegance, intelligence, and scalability.

Why? Because I have witnessed companies suffer from the lack of effectiveness and efficiency in their marketing efforts for a long time. Changing systems and culture can be very difficult, complicated, costly, and time-consuming. Therefore, I always strive to deliver the best possible solution right the first time.

Cost-Effectiveness: The expected value of each marketing solution must substantially exceed its total costs.


The expected value of each solution must substantially exceed its total costs.

Intelligence: Marketing solutions must be designed and developed using the latest reliable methods and technologies.


Solutions must be designed and developed using the latest reliable methods and technologies.

Elegance: Marketing solutions must be user-friendly, easy to learn, engaging, and easy to maintain.


Solutions must be user-friendly, easy to learn, engaging, and easy to maintain.

Scalability: As a business grows, marketing solutions must have the capacity and flexibility to scale accordingly.


As a business grows, solutions must have the capacity and flexibility to scale accordingly

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How I can assist you in your marketing

My goal is to shoulder some of your marketing burdens, allowing you to allocate resources to other critical aspects of your business operations. If you want to  elevate your marketing to new heights, I am eager to assist you with creative initiatives, fresh ideas, marketing advice, and operational support.

There is no complex or strict workflow.

I understand that change can be challenging and resource-intensive. Therefore, I will adapt to your workflow. As we proceed, if there is a need for any enhancements in our processes or procedures, we will first agree on them, draw a roadmap, and then implement them gradually and collaboratively. Finally, we will celebrate our achievements together.

I have been doing this for more than 12 years, collaborating with over a hundred entrepreneurs, C-level executives, senior marketing managers, and small and medium-sized business (SMB) managers.

I complete your marketing puzzle.

There are many situations where hiring a new marketing expert may not be possible for your company, or you might prefer to gain some external professional perspectives on a plan or ongoing project. My experience and expertise can be highly beneficial for you and your marketing department in any of these ten situations

When you need:

When you’re experiencing:

Let's begin with one of these areas.

Marketing is a vast field with numerous opportunities for collaboration. To build a strong partnership, I recommend starting with a small project. You can choose a project topic in two ways: first, share one of your key marketing challenges; or review the areas below and select one that closely aligns with your current challenges. After discussing and exploring the challenge, I will design and develop a practical solution to address it. Additionally, if you need assistance with implementation, just let me know—I am always here to support you.

Project management

Free up your resources, enhance outcomes, and embrace greater risks through outsourcing. 

Solution selection​​​

Choose the best-fit solution for your company by evaluating multiple criteria and scenarios.

Advanced models​​

Design and develop tailored Excel-based models to accelerate your business operations.

Integrated commutation​​

Implement a framework to deliver cohesive messages across channels and campaigns.

Content optimization​​

Streamline your content production and enrich your materials with fresh ideas and stories.

Data-driven insights​​

Transform your data into actionable insights and provide data-driven recommendations.

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Methods, models, and applications that I use to help my clients

Every challenge requires specific knowledge. Each solution must be designed and developed by integrating various methods, models, techniques, and applications. Throughout my career, I have acquired and applied a diverse array of methods, models, techniques, and utilized numerous software tools, enabling me to consistently deliver excellent marketing solutions to my clients.

Marketing Management

Marketing strategic planning

Decision-making and problem solving

Desktop applications

Web applications

Free initial marketing consultation of up to 60 minutes

I’m completely transparent—there are no hidden fees. If there’s a charge for something, I’ll clearly communicate it beforehand, so you can decide.

We begin with a small project and expand our collaboration based on mutual satisfaction.

You're free to stop at any time, and you'll only pay for the parts that have been delivered—no long-term commitment.

If you have any further questions or inquiries, please feel free to reach out via my message page by clicking here.

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